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    Projects made with ESPresso Lite

    IOT Fish Feeder

    by Cytron

    See more tutorials

    Light Up your Tweets

    by Cytron

    8x8 LED with Wifi

    by Bun Han

    Did you know you can do this?

    Smartphone Controlled Wheel Robot

    by Cytron

    Extending Pins for
    ESPresso Lite

    by Encik Shahrul Nizam

    Using 3rd party chips


    Internet music

    Using Espresso Lite v2


    Internet Video

    Using the Espresso Lite v2

    Game Controller

    by Chiang Mai Maker Club

    Fun with the Espresso Lite v2

    Thermal Printer

    by Chiang Mai Maker Club

    Build your very own DIY Thermal Printer with the ESPresso Lite!

    EL beta Drone

    by Chiang Mai Maker Club

    With the ESPresso Lite (beta),
    building a drone is now as simple as how it looks!

    Drone Test flight Video

    by Chiang Mai Maker Club

    Watch it in action! 

    Smart IOT notifier

    by Cytron


    And workshops. Details updated here!

    January 14, 2016
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    January 4, 2016
    Please let us know if there are any enquiries e.g. technical problems about the ESPresso Lite.
  • Faq

    frequently asked questions by the people

    What is an Arduino and why?

    Arduino is a tool for making computers that can sense and control more of the physical world than your desktop computer. The Espresso Lite is Arduino compatible, as it is able to utilise the same component sensors supported by the Arduino IDE via its libraries. It differs with Arduino in which it does not use the same MCU hardware that Arduino does, as the Espresso Lite uses the FCC Certified ESP8266 WROOM chip.


    Arduino is intended for use by both non-technical people (artists, designers, hobbyists) with no previous programming experience and seasoned makers who love to tinker. Many adults and even children have built things using the Arduino platform, which was developed in Italy by Massimo Banzi and a group of people who believed Hardware and Software should be "Open Source" and available to everyone.


    We use the Arduino to update our board with additional interactive functionality so that non-technical people with no previous programming experience to can make their own Interactive Objects such as smart t shirts, Quadcopters, Art Installations, Intelligent machines, Robots, Weather Stations and other projects. Most importantly, there are many sample codes that you can look at and learn from - very important for beginners and even experienced tinkerers to understand and adapt quickly.

    How do I program the Espresso Lite? How about the power?

    The Espresso Lite uses the (Free) Arduino Integrated Development Editor(IDE) together with a USB Serial (UART/FTDI) cable, to physically upload the sketches ("firmware"). The software is freely available for Windows, Mac and Linux and once the sample code libraries are setup, they are accessible directly in Arduino IDE.


    The Espresso Lite features an onboard power voltage regulator. Seasoned tinkerers may take note that the onboard regulator will bring down the voltage for 5-12V down to the board's operating 3.3V. This includes the input from the USB Serial (UART/FTDI). This helps tinkerers and learners get started quickly.

    I am still facing problems uploading in Arduino!

    Facing the following type of errors in your error message log? : espcomm_send_command and/or espcomm_sync

    Troubleshooting checklist:

    1. Check Arduino board manager and dependencies. Update or downgrade your libraries if needed. 
      Refer to the recommended Arduino version and Libraries on the Espert GitHub.

    2. Using a sample Espert sketch, or your own sketch, upload Sketch in the menu : Go to Sketch -> Upload (Ctrl+U).
      If the error repeats go to the next step
    3. Ensure board is set to Espresso Lite v2 In Arduino, and port set COMxx, restart the computer if port is grayed out
      If an error repeats go to the next step to continue troubleshooting 
    4. Close and reopen the Arduino IDE. If Sketch still does not upload, reset board by holding Reset or GPIO 0 for more than 5 seconds and repeat from step #1
    5. If problem still persists, change COM ports or the USB Serial (UART/FTDI) cable and repeat step #2.  

    If all that fails, please take a picture and share in our FB user group or describe it in our Forum here.

    Is the Espresso Lite (hardware / software) open source?

    Unlike Arduino, the Espresso Lite hardware designs are not open source... for now. However, we do use the open source Arduino Integrated Development Editor(IDE) and ESP8266 Arduino core. On our end, we have open sourced our software libraries for Arduino on GitHub.


    Future plans may improve on the open source. Contribute back to the community here to assist us on this, or write me an email at sam [at] espert.co if you have ideas/partnerships/feedback. Thanks!

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